Buy Airsoft Grenades & Maintenance Accessories

At Mach 1 Airsoft we carry Grenades and their Maintenance Accessories in order to offer our customers a realistic and manageable Milsim experience. Use our Impact or Timer Grenades as a takedown or alert mechanism during your Airsoft Game. We carry Airsoft Innovations Grenades and Components which are high in quality and offered in a number of styles and colors catered to suit your Airsoft needs.

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  • 40mm Airsoft & Paintball Shell Launcher DX – Tan

    VFC-VF5-GL-MK13-TN02 40mm Airsoft & Paintball Shell Launcher DX Tan
    $260.00 SKU: VFC-VF5-GL-MK13-TN02 Read More
  • 6 Inch Launcher

    OTH-E015 6 Inch Launcher
    $43.20 SKU: OTH-E015 Read More
  • 60rd Airsoft Shell

    OTH-BU002 60rd Airsoft Shell
    $21.60 SKU: OTH-BU002 Read More
  • 84rd Airsoft Shell

    OTH-BU004 84rd Airsoft Shell
    $22.68 SKU: OTH-BU004 Read More
  • 9 Inch Launcher

    OTH-E014 9 Inch Launcher
    $51.30 SKU: OTH-E014 Read More
  • 96rd Airsoft Shell

    OTH-BU005 96rd Airsoft Shell
    $23.22 SKU: OTH-BU005 Read More
  • AI Spoon Kit – Impact

    $14.95 SKU: AI-SPOONKIT-IMPCT Add to cart
  • AI Spoon Kit – Timer

    $14.95 SKU: AI-SPOONKIT-TIMER Add to cart
  • Airsoft Innovations BANGER CLIP

    $19.95 SKU: AI-CYL-BNG-CLP Read More
  • Airsoft Innovations Cyclone Grenade

    AI Cyclone
    $49.95 SKU: AI-Cyclone Add to cart