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Say hello to the gun taking the world by storm.

The CZ805 Bren is spreading like wildfire, being adopted by military and police agencies the world around. Now, thanks to the airsoft professionals at Action Sport Games, the CZ805 is now available in airsoft form. Mach 1 Airsoft is the first retailer in Canada to have this gun, and we’re excited to share it with you. This gun features:

– CNC Aluminum Alloy Upper Receiver

– Injection Molded Polymer Lower Receiver

– Metal Barrel & Gas Tube Assembly

– Ambidextrous Controls

– Version 3 Gearbox with 7mm Bushings and Quick Change Spring

– Unique Serial Number

– Polymer Flip-Up Backup Sights

– Licensed Components from CAA and CZ

– Hi-Capacity Polymer Magazine

– Accurate Engraved Trademarks

– Adjustable Folding Stock

– No Orange Tip – Mach 1 Airsoft Exclusive!

For further questions, please contact us and we will do our best to assist. Testing by the Mach 1 Airsoft staff has shown that this magazine well is identical to one from a Tokyo Marui G36, thus the magazines meant for a Tokyo Marui G36 will work with this rifle if you are looking for a mid-capacity or low-capacity option.

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The Classic Army M249 Mark II is the quintessential combat light machine gun. Built after the early failures of the original M249, a product improvement plan (PIP) was quickly put in place to make several ergonomic adjustments and to replace poorly functioning items, such as the non-hydraulic buffer and the difficult front sight. From this, the M249 Mark II came into existence. Since then, the M249 has distinguished itself in combat and as a reliable friend to those who depend on it. Weighing just north of 15 pounds, it can either feed from a box magazine of belted 5.56mm ammunition, or from a STANAG magazine port on the side of the gun for emergency loading of AR-15 magazines (Though unlike the airsoft version, this is not advised for actual M249 SAWs.

Classic Army’s take on the M249 Mark II is the standard to beat. With 8mm bushings, it’s built to take the automatic only nature of the M249. If you’re looking for something to complete a traditional infanteer’s load, the M249 Mark II cannot be beat. Please be aware that the M249 Mark II comes without a box magazine, and this must be purchased separately.

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Classic Army Mark 46 SPW – AEG

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The Mark 46 Mod 0 is a variant of the M249 Special Purpose Weapon (SPW), as adopted by the USSOCOM group. With the M249 SPW, several components were deleted in an effort to improve weight and handling. The carrying handle, magazine well, and vehicle mounting lug were removed. Rails were added to the feed cover and the forearm to allow the mounting of accessories such as designators, lights, and switches. Lastly, the barrel was shortened to improve handling and reliability.

The Classic Army Mark 46 SPW is a hybrid of the M249 SPW, and the Mark 46 Mod 0. It retains the magazine loading port of the original M249 for airsofters who use the port with AR-15 magazines. Unlike the Mark 46, it uses a standard M4 carbine stock mounted on a buffer tube for ease of adjustability and durability.

The Classic Army Mark 46 combines the best of the M249 SAW with the best of airsoft design. Its durable gearbox uses 8mm steel bushings for reliability under fire. Of note is that while this gun comes new in box, per Classic Army’s new products, it does not include a box magazine. This will have to be purchased separately if you are not using the M249’s STANAG magazine well.

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The M9 pistol has served the US Military and countless other organizations well for decades, but it is not without its detractors. As a full metal, double stack 9mm pistol, the M9 by its nature will have a larger grip than most other pistols on the market – but the grip is even bigger than it needs to be. This has many users unable to reach the trigger, and those who can reach the trigger report discomfort and frustration trying to make the gun shoot well.

Enter the 92FS Vertec pistol, more commonly known as the M9 Vertec in Airsoft circles. The M9 Vertec incorporates Beretta’s slimmest grip to improve ergonomics and trigger reach by straightening out the backstrap of the M9, resulting in a grip that also possesses an angle not unlike the M1911, which pioneered the ideal grip angle for pistols. The M9 Vertec also comes with a dust cover mounted rail, allowing for accessories, such as a laser or flashlight, to be mounted.

Despite all these changes, the M9 Vertec will still fit into regular M9/92 holsters, and will accept all M9 magazines from KJW. KJW’s build quality is excellent, showing up in areas such as finish and trigger pull. The M9 Vertec possesses a two-stage trigger in single action mode, and a smooth double action pull when the hammer is down. Unlike the Tokyo Marui M9 this gun was based off, the KJW M9 Vertec comes with a hopup mechanism to extend range.

Please note that this gun comes with a CO2 magazine, per Canadian Firearm Regulations. This gun, in line with the majority of airsoft M9/92 pistols, does not feature a decocker. Please use caution when firing this gun, and please abide by all laws as they relate to airsoft. For further information, please contact us.

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