Airsoft Safety

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Welcome to the sport of airsoft! You have gotten into one of Canada’s fastest growing communities. But before you can start playing, you must be aware of some of the rules and regulations surrounding airsoft. Airsoft guns are extremely close in appearance to actual firearms, and thus must be treated with the utmost respect. Here are a few things you should be aware of.

Basic Safety

Airsoft gun safety is identical to Canadian firearm safety procedures. There are four rules you must ingrain into your every action, in order to be a safe and effective player.

1. Assume every gun is loaded.
2. Control the muzzle direction at all time.
3. Trigger finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
4. See the chamber is cleared and that there are no rounds loaded into it.

(Easy way to remember this: “ACTS” ensure safety!)

As well, when transferring a firearm to another person, or when receiving a firearm from another person, one must prove it safe – assumptions cause accidents!

1. Point the firearm in a safe direction.
2. Remove the magazine and all ammunition.
3. Observe the chamber to ensure it is clear.
4. Verify the feeding path, and ensure it will not result in a loaded gun.
5. Examine the bore every time you transfer or receive a firearm.

(Easy way to remember this: “PROVE” the gun safe!)


Airsoft has grown in recent years, but the venues are still not quite “Next Door” just yet. Thus, your airsoft guns must be transported. Unlike controlled firearms, they will not need Authorizations to Transport. They will still require the proper duty of care in transport. Every time you travel, make sure you follow these guidelines:

– Ensure the gun is unloaded and safe before transport.
– Put the gun in an opaque case or bag, which can be fully sealed and locked.
– If you are travelling by vehicle, put the gun, in its case or bag, in the trunk or similar area.
– If you are stopped by the police, notify them you have an airsoft gun when asked.
– Do not transport airsoft guns openly or without cases, as this is dangerous.

The Law and Airsoft