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WE P226 P-Virus Pistol

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P226 P-Virus

WE P226 P-Virus Pistol


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Product Description

When the world has fallen to a zombie infestation, look no further than the P226 P-Virus Pistol. With an extended magazine and silencer, the P-Virus combines the best of stealth and firepower for those looking for a trustworthy sidearm in a survival situation. Ghost ring sights ensure that shots of scarce ammunition land where they're supposed to, and an ergonomic grip and magazine release allow you to focus on other things... like surviving your current airsoft game.


- Ghost Ring Sights
- Silver Slide with Silver Controls
- Ergonomic Grip holding an Extended Magazine
- Functional Decocker
- Suppressor (Holding Canadian Legal 366+ Inner Barrel)
- Lighted Presentation Case





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