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WE G19 Generation 4 (Black)

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WE G19 Generation 4 (Black)


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Product Description

The world's most popular handgun comes to Mach 1 Airsoft. Since its inception in 1982, the G-series family has gone from manufacturing oddity to firearm powerhouse. In a family that ranges from the original G17, to the single stack G42, the G19 reigns supreme. The blend of high capacity for duty, and small compact design for concealment, puts the 19 into the sweet spot where it is the jack and master of all trades. Issued by organizations such as the NYPD, and MARSOC, the G19 is the gun to beat.

WE Airsoft has released a wonderful replica of the G19 in the latest Generation, the fourth in production since 1982. This generation is distinguished by adjustable backstraps and an enhanced version of "Rough Texture 2", increasing the grip strength of the user under stress. WE Airsoft has released a new model with a separate external extractor for more realistic appearance.

The G-series pistol is a DAO pistol. That means one trigger pull, and one consistent shot. Trigger pull is short with a clearly defined break, and a pronounced reset. The Canadian version of this gun comes with a suppressor and extended barrel. The original barrel is included in the box. Powered by Green Gas, this gun is a reliable performer.





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