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WE 1911 Type B (Colt Officer ACP)

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Officer ACP

WE 1911 Type B (Colt Officer ACP)


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Product Description

The WE 1911 Type B pistol, more commonly known as the Colt Officer ACP, is a compact airsoft pistol useful for those looking for the strengths of the larger M1911, but in a smaller size for smaller hands, or for use as a backup pistol. It runs off of Green Gas, and is constructed from metal with plastic grips. Parts will be compatable with Tokyo Marui specification pistols. The 1911 Type B is an excellent backup pistol, with the trigger pull of a full-sized pistols, but the grip safety and manual safety of a pistol intended for use in rough environments. This gun will fit in standard 1911 holsters, though we recommend something low profile.

This pistol comes with TWO magazines and a silencer attachment. As per Canadian Firearm Laws, the gun will come with an extended barrel installed, and the original short barrel in the box. Compatable with full sized magazines, you will want to use these as backup magazines, and the originals as carry magazines. Contact us should you have any questions, and we'll be more than happy to help.






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