VFC HK416 AEG Rifle

VFC HK416 (Ver.2)

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HK416 Standard AEG

VFC HK416 (Ver.2)


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Product Description

The AR-15, is for lack of a better term, a gun that likes to put its garbage where it eats. The direct impingement system, while boosting accuracy, decreases reliability, leading to many of the issues that have cropped up in recent conflicts. Enter the HK416 - a rifle that combines the best of the world's most reliable guns with the simple and effective design of the AR-15. The HK416 here is made by VFC, and being an AEG comes with VFC's reputation for reliability and performance. Rifle is Configured in a 10.5" Barrel and comes with a extension piece to bring the outer barrel to a 14.5" length. Perfect for switching from a CQB to Carbine length rifle in seconds.



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