Valken Thunder V Distraction Device

Valken Thunder V Grenade

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Valken Thunder V Grenade


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Product Description

Sound Grenades: For when you want to say "Hello", "Goodbye", and everything in between. Valken's Thunder V grenades use a reusable CO2 core to provide compression for this sound effect. When one pulls the safety pin out and releases the spoon, a spring driven striker punctures the 12 Gram CO2 capsule, forcing it to release gas into the shell surrounding the core. The shell, made of polymer, then breaks when pressure is high enough, resulting in a loud sound that will let your opponents know you're there and taking names. Valken - trust it now, trust it forever.

- CO2 Powered (CO2 required for function)
- Plastic Shell (Compatible with Thunder B Shells)
- Aluminum, Reusable Core
- Pull Pin Design
- Safety Instructions





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