Valken AK Flash Magazine

Valken AK Flash Magazine

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Valken AK Flash Magazine


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Product Description

We've all been there - you're firing your AEG in the middle of a heated battle, on the cusp of victory... when your gun runs dry because you didn't wind the high capacity magazine. Then some guy hits you with an Airsoft Innovations Tornado Grenade and your victory has turned into a defeat worthy of a virally spreading internet movie. This could have been prevented if you had just used the Valken AK Flash Magazine. All you need to do with one of these magazines is pop the baseplate open, pull on the retracting cord a few times, and your entire magazine will now load flawlessly. Great for the player with a PKM, RPK, or a really nice AK AEG who just wants to play. Made of steel, this magazine is sure to impress.

- Flash Magazine for AK AEG
- BB Capacity of 520 Rounds
- 10 Seconds to Fully Wind
- Steel Construction

Valken is sure to impress - so take this opportunity to upgrade and improve your performance.





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