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Ultra Shot Reflex Sight Sightmark

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Ultra Shot Reflex Sight Sightmark


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The Sightmark® series of reflex sights are designed to create a lightweight, yet extremely accurate sight. The Ultra Shot™ is Sightmark’s biggest and baddest sight in the reflex line, while still being incredibly lightweight for its size. Perfect for shotguns or rifles, the Ultra Shot comes with a built-in, integrated Weaver mount, which fits all standard bases, and is able to withstand heavy recoil from larger calibers. This, with the ability to choose between 4 different reticle patterns, makes the Ultra Shot an unusually versatile sight. With a wider field of view than any other reflex sight on the market, and a Limited Lifetime Warranty, the Sightmark Ultra Shot is literally in a class by itself!   Features: - Precision Accuracy - Interlok™ Internal Locking System - Composit Body with Metal Protective Shield - Reliable and Durable - Wide Field of View - Perfect for Rapid Fire or Moving Target Shooting - Multi-Reticle (4 Patterns*) - Low Power Consumption - Adjustable Reticle Brightness - Parallax Corrected - Unlimited Eye Relief - Built-in Weaver Mount - Able to Withstand Heavy Recoil Calibers - Lightweight - Water Resistant - Shockproof * 5 MOA dot, 3 MOA dot with 50 MOA circle, 3 MOA dot with 50 MOA crossshair, 3 MOA dot with 30 MOA circle/crosshair (subtensions total 50 MOA) Included in Package: - Adjustment Tools - Battery - Limited Lifetime Warranty





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