Timer Grenade - Dark Earth -

Timer Grenade – Dark Earth

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AI-TIMR-BLUE Timer Grenade

Timer Grenade – Dark Earth


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Product Description

The Airsoft battlefield is a constantly changing and evolving arena, and different scenarios require different tactics. The Airsoft Innovations Tornado Timer Grenade delivers with an adjustable timer feature allowing for two different delay settings. Use the 3 second default setting for a more traditional style of play, or switch to the 1.5 second setting for an airburst. Give your enemies no place to hide.

The Airsoft world gets its first truly effective hand grenade with the Airsoft Innovations Tornado Timer Grenade. The Tornado completely completely changes your Airsoft game by expanding you capability to deal with previously insurmountable obstacles. Use the Tornado to flush out and frag heavily entrenched enemies or opponents behind cover. Clear rooms quickly and effectively in CQB scenarios.

The Airsoft Innovations Tornado Timer Grenade is engineered to be durable, reusable, and most of all, effective. The tough outer shell can survive hundreds of throws, the grenade can be filled with readily available cheap propane, and the patented, dual-spiral design ensures a 360 degree spread of 200 BBs.

Upgrade your Airsoft Innovations Tornado Timer Grenade with our useful accessory kits. Add spoon functionality, just like a real grenade, with the Airsoft Innovations Spoon Kit attachment. Or distract and disorient your enemies with a 120dB bang when you install the Airsoft Innovations Distraction Device.



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