SPEED HPA Regulator Kit (SA-5000)

Speed HPA Regulator Kit

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Speed SA5000

Speed HPA Regulator Kit

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Product Description

HPA is making a comeback, and SPEED has come out with an excellent HPA regulator with high flow air hose. No longer will you have to trust unreliable or unknown companies for your high pressure needs.

Speed's HPA Regulator combines a compact form with precision adjustments and plethora of features for the experienced airsoft player. It is capable of handling from 300 to 800 PSI output from any HPA tank, and is adjustable for an output of 0 to 140 PSI. A tournament lock allows for lockable output, meaning it is legal for use at all airsoft fields. Best part, it is safely adjustable, has a vent valve, and a gauge that can be easily read.





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