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Madbull 11.5″ Government Profile AEG Barrel

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Madbull 11.5″ Government Profile AEG Barrel


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Product Description

Madbull's lightweight government profile barrels come in lengths of 11.5" to 16.0", so there is an option for every build you could possibly consider. These barrels are made of a lightweight metal in a government profile, and are threaded for a 14 CCW barrel device. They are cut for a gas block or front sight, and should drop in without any fitting. Government profile barrels have a thick diameter in front of the gas port, and a thinner barrel profile underneath the handguard. This increases durability in problematic areas, while keeping barrel weight low. This profile first appeared on the M16A2.

This barrel is the 11.5" version with cuts for the 7" carbine gas system.





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