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GE M4 CQB with Collapsable Stock

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GE M4 CQB with Collapsable Stock


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The latest addition to the M4 family from GE, the GE M4 CQB Stubby Killer. Designed to excel in close quarters combat, it is the subcompact cousin of the M4 with its short 5" barrel and metal rail interface system serving as the gun's hand guard. The SPR style pistol grip is ergonomic and rubberized to give you a comfortable but firm hold as you wield this gun in CQB arenas. It as well features a collapsible stock with a special crane stock. Included is a 190-round Vietnam style short magazine and both front and rear flip-up iron sights. Inside the body sits a tough Version 2 gearbox that features high durability gears and a high torque motor, essentials of an killer CQB weapon as it punches out rounds at 380-400 FPS.

The Internal This airsoft gun is designed for CQB with high speed setup. This full metal gear box Version 2 can take a 8.4v 1500 mah battery. You can maximize the potential of this airsoft gun with a 8.4v 1500 mah battery to pump out all the power of the gun. The High performance full metal gearbox and enhanced internal parts makes this airsoft gun high speed and CQB ready. It is shooting with 380-400 FPS, which is well within the limit of any CQB field. FPS / ROF High speed setup with range from 380-400 FPS.





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