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Element AR-15 (M4/M16/Mk12) Wrench

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Element AR-15 (M4/M16/Mk12) Wrench


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Product Description

The Element AR-15 Wrench enables you to take advantage of the AR-15's greatest asset - modularity. This tool, made of stamped aluminum metal, will allow you to remove and install the following items:

- Delta Ring Barrel Nut
- A2 Flash Hider
- M16 Fixed Stock Receiver Extensions

Caution: Not for use on actual AR-15 rifles. AR-15 rifle installs require torque specs to be met, which is done using a torque tool interfaced with the barrel wrench. This wrench does not have the ability to interface with a torque tool, and may not reach the torque rating required by the AR-15 design. For airsoft use only!





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