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Daniel Defense AR-15 Tan 7″ Lite Rail by Madbull

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Daniel Defense AR-15 Tan 7″ Lite Rail by Madbull


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The AR-15 first came into being in the early 1960s, and for several decades remained unchanged unless the government decided to make an upgrade. Starting in the new century, however, the AR-15 industry exploded with thousands of different components and manufacturers making their version of the perfect AR-15. Chief among these companies, is Daniel Defense. Daniel Defense, based out of Georgia, produces high-quality AR-15 components such as cold-forged barrels and rail systems.

One of Daniel Defense's most popular products is their Lite Rail series. Built out of lightweight aircraft aluminum, the rail is anodized in a variety of finishes - in the case of this particular rail, the same shade of tan that won the US Special Forces contract for SOPMOD rifle components. The DD rail offers mounting real estate, lightweight strength, and free float design that allows for accuracy even when the handguard is rested on an object.

Licensed from Daniel Defense, this rail is equipped with all the correct markings. Users of this rail should be aware that the provided barrel nut/mount does not accept a gas tube, meaning that those looking to install this will either need to discard their gas tube, or drill a hole in the barrel nut/mount to feed the tube through.







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