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Cytac G-Series Grip Adapter/Beavertail

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Glock Grip Adapter

Cytac G-Series Grip Adapter/Beavertail


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Product Description

Cytac G-series Grip Adapters solve a common complaint about G-series pistols - well, actually two. The first is the grip angle on the G-series type gun. Meant for speed on target over precision, users of pistols such as the M1911 find the aggressive grip angle brings them off target. The second issue is known as slide bite. Not much separates the slide from the web of one's hand, and in stressful situations, one might fire the gun with the grip a little too high, causing painful cuts to the web of one's hand. Modelled on the Grip Force Adapter, Cytac G-Series Grip Adapter seeks to resolve this issue by flattening out the backstrap of the G-Series pistol, and introducing a beavertail to protect against the slide.

To quote a user of this grip adapter - it looks weird, but it works. If you're having issues with your G-series gun's comfort, try this. It's a cheap solution to one of the best guns out there.

Does not fit Generation 4 type pistols - meant only for Generation 3. Do not modify issued weaponry. Ensure you are still able to use the gun safely with this installed, as it increases the size of the grip.





Glock Generation 3 Pistol




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