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Cyma CM701 VSR-10 Bolt Action Rifle (Black)

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Cyma CM701 VSR-10 Bolt Action Rifle (Black)


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A sniper is weapon in their own right. Depending on the side you're on, they may be a guardian angel looking over your shoulder, or the greatest fear that you could ever possess. Snipers spend years in training honing their natural abilities, and have often turned the tide of a battle.

Airsoft snipers possess a very different mission and motivation for what they do, but what unites them both are the tools of their trade. Both look for accurate, high powered rifles that they can tune to their smallest preferences. For an actual sniper, this often takes the form of a Remington 700, or a Timberwolf .338. For the airsoft sniper, this takes the form of a VSR-10 rifle, an airsoft replica of the M700.

Cyma has released their CM701 rifle, a rifle that is fully VSR-10 compatable, but at an attractive price point. This rifle boasts a polymer body, metal internals, and a magazine well that will take Cyma as well as TM VSR-10 magazines.





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