Classic Army Stoner LMG

Classic Army Stoner LMG

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Classic Army Stoner LMG

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Product Description

The saying goes: Fast is fine, but accuracy is final. To a certain extent, it makes sense- all the speed in the world can't help you if you can't hit a target. But what if you're not trying to? Enter the light machine gun - intended to keep heads down while those with rifles flank and destroy the enemy, the LMG is capable of putting rounds over heads very quickly. The downside, however, is a lack of portability that slows down light infantry due to size and weight. Countered with these issues, the smart commander will maximize his advantages and minimize his disadvantages. But what if he didn't have to?

Enter the Stoner Light Machine Gun - a fast, high volume weapon, but with the weight and portability of an infanteer's rifle. The result? Firepower and speed. This is ideal for the platoon that needs to travel light, and pack a punch. A M1913 rail on top allows you to attach an optic to extend your reach, while the rails on the fore-end allow you to attach bipods, designators, and flashlights. The A2 flash hider is capable of mounting a KAC suppressor, giving you perhaps the most important advantage of all - the element of surprise.

All models come with an orange tip due to United States regulations. For more information on the KAC Stoner LMG, as well as its history, you can look at the history of the "Stoner 63."


1 review for Classic Army Stoner LMG

  1. Clarence
    5 out of 5


    Works perfectly. No issues. Has a great weight and endures long games

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