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Airsoft Innovations XL Burst Grenade

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Airsoft Innovations XL Burst Grenade


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Product Description

New from Airsoft Innovations (AI) is the XL Burst - a sound grenade with the quality of AI's Tornado grenade, but the economy of AI's Cyclone grenade. Manufactured from high quality aluminum, the XL Burst is an impact driven grenade that uses Green Gas / Propane and a burst element system that can deliver 120-125 decibels at a range of 5 feet. The durable CNC design can be tossed or thrown repeatedly for a lifetime of uses, while the burst elements are compact and easily carried with you on the field.

Included in the box, with the XL Burst, is AI's highly refined grenade oil, and 30 grenade burst elements. Purchasers who jump on our first shipment will get the launch edition, with a special patch from AI commemorating this time. Those of you who run out of burst elements - fear no more, we also sell the resupply kit for these grenades.

Measuring 4.5" X 1.75", the XL Burst will fit perfectly into pouches meant for a 40mm grenade.



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