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At Mach 1 Airsoft we provide our customers a chance to optimize their performance in large battelfields but more specifically in CQB Environments with the use of our Airsoft Submachine Guns! From Body-styles ranging from MP5’s, MP7’s, MP9’s, and Kriss Vectors, have the edge in Close Quarter Combat with an easy to manoeuvre rifle. Whether you’re always on the move or you find yourself in a tight nit space, carry a Submachine Gun as your weapon since it is short and light yet packs a punch! This platform is offered not only in AEG but Gas Blowback as well!

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    ASG Scorpion
    $569.95 SKU: ASG-17831 Read More
  • CA UMC

    CA UMC 1
    $395.00 SKU: CA-043P Read More
  • CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 B.E.T. carbine

    Sale! Evo BET
    $589.95 $569.95 SKU: ASG-50145 Add to cart
  • CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 carbine

    Sale! Evo Carbine
    $589.95 $569.95 SKU: ASG-50144 Add to cart
  • G&G PDW99 (P90) AEG SMG Black (Includes Battery and Charger)

    $409.95 SKU: GG-83515 Read More
  • G&G UMG

    GG-83502 G&G UMG
    $355.00 SKU: GG-83502 Read More
  • HK MP5 A5 – Black Elite Force

    EF-2278063 Elite Force HK MP5 A5
    $375.00 SKU: EF-2278063 Read More
  • ICS BT5 SD6

    ICS-02 BT5 SD6
    $305.00 SKU: ICS-02 Read More
  • ICS M3 Submachine Gun Greaser

    ICS M3 Submachine Gun Greaser
    $289.95 SKU: ICS-200 Read More
  • ICS MP5 SD5 Sportline

    MX5 SD5 Sport lines 1
    $274.00 SKU: ICS-61 Add to cart