Owned by veterans of military and police service, Agency Arms was opened in 2015 with the goal of building high-end, quality pistols for operators in a variety of modern conflicts. Starting with the G17, a reliable and trusted gun, they avoided the gaudy designs and expensive price of their competitors, and went back to the basics – what makes a duty gun work? To this end, they have focused on operational excellence, and reliability.

Enter Redwolf Airsoft (RWA). Sensing a desire for change in the airsoft market, they approached the owners of Agency Arms in order to licence their products for airsoft manufacture. While many a manufacturer before had blown off airsofters as being beneath their aims and purposes, Agency Arms recognized the training potential in airsoft, and was more than happy to assist RWA in manufacturing their Urban Combat Pistol, going so far as to provide their R&D information, as well as checking the prototypes for accuracy and quality. RWA, realizing the need for perfection, partnered with airsoft powerhouse GunsModify. The result is perhaps one of the most comprehensive pistol kits in history, and Mach 1 Airsoft is proud to be the exclusive Canadian distributor for the Agency Arms Urban Combat Slide Kit.

The Agency Arms Urban Combat Slide Set is intended for installation in a TM G17, though the slide will work with a WE G17, with some minor adjustments. Each kit is individually serialized, and comes with an Agency Arms membership specific to the kit, as well as a free installation video courtesy of GunsModify and RWA. Opening the kit further exposes all the parts, making you realize that this is not just a slide, but an evolution of the TM G17 pistol. In 1982, when the G17 first came onto the market, the pistol was space age.

The slide possesses both front and rear cocking serrations known as DNA collectors. They are sharp, and they are not comfortable. But what they do is allow you to get a grip on your slide in all conditions, and ensure that you will always be able to manipulate your pistol. The slide is also ported and trimmed to reduce weight, reducing recoil and speeding up the cycle rate. An attractive machined American Flag adorns a cover for an RMR cut – said cut allows the user to mount any RMR they would like to, improving accuracy and time on target. Made out of 6061 Aircraft Aluminum, this slide will not disappoint.

The barrel is octagonally cut out of a durable, heavy material. Serialized for your kit’s number, it meshes smoothly with the slide and prevents the barrel wobble common to G17 pistols. A G17 may be a combat pistol, but this slide takes it one step further towards accuracy. The sights only serve to add to this performance metric. Made of steel, they are raised to cowitness with an RMR, and possess Trijicon style glow in the dark bulbs surrounded by a white ring, to balance night and day performance. Like any 3 dot setup, they’ll serve the user well.

Accuracy is about converting what one sees into physical results, and the trigger is a key part of this. RWA has improved on the already excellent TM G17 trigger, by providing a more ergonomic metal trigger with adjustment for pull length. Purists can set the pull length to maximum for safety, or reduce to distance to break for performance. Once the trigger does its job, GunsModify has included their lightweight blowback unit with G18C nozzle for a consistent velocity, and powerful blowback. Users will be excited to know that they can change out the slide plate on this kit to customize it to their heart’s content.

A pistol only has so many rounds, so reloading is a necessary yet vital part of life. Unsurprisingly, Agency Arms and RWA have thought about this. A well finished magwell allows for faster reloads under stress, and as a side effect, it also plugs the gap in the back of the G17 grip, a source of anxiety for all who run their pistols hard.

All internal parts, such as this kit, are final sale.

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