To keep a famous saying in mind, “Perfection is not attainable, but if we continue to chase perfection, we can achieve excellence.”

G-series sights are universally maligned for being some of the worst sights ever fitted to a duty pistol. Made out of plastic, the sights have a finite lifespan, wearing through holstering and general usage. The front dot sits poorly in the rear “U-channel” cup, resulting in a gun that can be outshot by its users. G-series pistols can come from the factory with upgraded sights, however. Made of steel, these traditional three dot sights, provided by American pioneer Trijicon, provide durability through steel construction, and night usability through glowing tritium. Airsofters have had to suffer in silence… until now.

Korean airsoft company Detonator has come up with an excellent replica of the GL-01 sights made by Trijicon, and offered directly from the factory. Made of steel, these sights will last through the harshest conditions. You can even rack the slides off a table or surface using the sights as an index point! White rings surround the three glow in the dark dots, allowing for daytime acquisition. The front sight ring is sized up for accuracy under stress.

Detonator includes adapters to fit these GL-01 sights into both G17 and G18C pistols from TM, KJW, and WE/HK. Thread-locker is advised for these sights due to recoil and their steel construction. Ideal for those looking for a better sight, or to replicate the standard issue sight setup of most MIL/LE pistols.

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