AI Spoon Kit – Impact

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AI Spoon Kit – Impact

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AI Spoon Kit – Timer

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Pick up this cool new accessory which adds the look and feel of an authentic Grenade Spoon to your awesome Tornado Timer Grenade or Tornado Impact Grenade.Adds realistic spoon functionality to your Tornado Timer Grenade Adds realistic spoon look and feel to your Tornado Impact Grenade without compromising the Impact trigger Offers interesting scenario possibilities to your game like improvised booby traps and “hostage retention” (you can stand a hostage on a grenade spoon to prevent him from running away!)

Timer starts once spoon is disengaged, Cover a doorway with a gun in one hand and a primed and a grenade ready to throw in the other, Reversible installation requires no permanent modification to your grenade. Swap back and forth between regular and spooned grenades.

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Airsoft Innovations BANGER CLIP

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Manufactured in the USA by H.A.N.N Holster LLC

-Injection Molded polymer Construction, Don’t loose your Grenades Again.

-Designed for rapid deployment of AI Cyclone Grenades

-Molle Compatible

-Adjustable elastic retention straps

-Made in the USA

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The AI Cyclone is here! We at Mach 1 Airsoft are officially the first ones in Canada with this grenade! Six years in the making from Canadian fan favourite Airsoft Innovations, the Cyclone offers the best of both worlds: Better performance, but with a more affordable price tag.

The Cyclone grenade is an impact driven polymer grenade capable of pushing 140 BBs at 220 FPS. Its innovative trigger mechanism incorporates a spoon for realistic look and function, while the pin offers safety with retention. The open bottom design allows for quick loading, either by speed loader or by scooping the grenade through a bag or box of BB pellets. This grenade will come with some of Airsoft Innovations’ quality Silicone Oil, several stickers to change the look of your grenade, and for those who buy now, the launch edition also includes two AI grenade patches.

The best thing about the Airsoft Innovations Cyclone grenade is that it is cheaper. It is approximately 30%-40% cheaper than a Tornado grenade, while offering better performance.

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Spare pins, spoons and limited edition grenade skins for your cyclone impact grenade.

– 3x Cyclone Pins

– 3x Cyclone Spoons

– 3x Waterproof Skins (FDE, Zombie Green & Yellow)

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The Airsoft Innovation Gungas Kit contains everything you need to start saving money on Gas for you GBB. Green Gas is simply propane with some silicone oil added, yet it costs several times more.

Get the Airsoft Innovation Gungas Kit and start saving money whenever you use your GBB by switching to cheap, accessible propane. We include our own brand of high-quality light silicone oil in the Gungas Kit which, with just a few drops, turns your normal can of propane into what is basically Green Gas.

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This Maintenance Kit comes with replacements for high-wear Tornado grenade components that may break due to extended use. Please read the Trouble Shooting Guide before attempting to fix your grenade on your own.

Kit comes with:

• Ucup seal 0.875

• Ucup seal 0.812

• O-Ring # 21

• Valve Cover

• Fill Valve

• Rubber Parts: IG Bumper

• Pin: Impact

• Impact Trigger component set

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For maintaining your gas powered guns and accessories.

– Ultra-light 1.5wt silicone oil for use in GBB/GBBR magazines

– 15ml capacity

– Waterproof label

– Precision eye dropper tip

– Spill-proof cap

– Enough to lubricate over 10 tanks of propane

– Keep seals lubricated without leaving heavy residue.


Inject 2 drops of oil into tank opening every 8 to 10 mag-fills to keep your GBB/GBBRs lubricated and maintained.

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Airsoft Innovations Steel Propane Adaptor Kit

Blue steel: It’s not just for pistols and fictional male models. Like our plastic GunGas adaptor, this kit allows you to fill your GBB magazines with cheap, widely available propane. This model, however, includes an indestructable oxide-coated probe. You’ll never have to buy another adaptor again.

Airsoft Innovations Steel Propane Adaptor Kit Features:

– Completely re-usable

– Compatible with nearly every gas gun; works for both propane and computer duster gas

– Reduce gas costs by 80%

– Comes with a plastic extender tip for those fragile/hard to reach fill valves

Kit Includes:

– High Strength Propane Adaptor:

Strong, heat treated, blued steel probe resists damage and rust

– Uses commonly available 14-16oz propane tanks to power your airsoft devices
Premium GBB Oil:

1.5wt premium silicone oil selected for use in GBB/GBBRs

– Only 2 drops for every 10 magazine fills keeps your gun in top shape
Duster Adaptor:

Fills your GBB mags with computer duster gas (HFC134A – Tetrafluoroethane)

This adaptor can be used to extend your propane adaptor tip

Can also be used as a repair tip for your propane adaptor!

For more information about Airsoft Innovations, click HERE

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New from Airsoft Innovations (AI) is the XL Burst – a sound grenade with the quality of AI’s Tornado grenade, but the economy of AI’s Cyclone grenade. Manufactured from high quality aluminum, the XL Burst is an impact driven grenade that uses Green Gas / Propane and a burst element system that can deliver 120-125 decibels at a range of 5 feet. The durable CNC design can be tossed or thrown repeatedly for a lifetime of uses, while the burst elements are compact and easily carried with you on the field.

Included in the box, with the XL Burst, is AI’s highly refined grenade oil, and 30 grenade burst elements. Purchasers who jump on our first shipment will get the launch edition, with a special patch from AI commemorating this time. Those of you who run out of burst elements – fear no more, we also sell the resupply kit for these grenades.

Measuring 4.5″ X 1.75″, the XL Burst will fit perfectly into pouches meant for a 40mm grenade.

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