The ICS M4A1 Proline AEG incorporates many features that make it one of the best, if not the best, AEGs on the market. The full metal construction provides owners and users with confidence that their gun will not be damaged by the wear and environment an airsofter finds themselves in. How do we know this? This M4A1 model was used as the field gun at Mach 1 Arena. 42 guns fired non-stop for six months, and required no maintenance apart from cleaning.

ICS is known for their split gearbox design that isolates the gears and electrical components from the spring and piston assembly. This means that spring changes don’t involve small gears flying about, and gear work doesn’t require fighting a heavy spring. This means an easier upkeep for the new user. The ICS-20 comes apart in seconds, and will remain ready for your needs.

ICS also includes a spring tension release on all their M4 models. By hitting the forward assist, one can release tension on the spring, meaning that your FPS will not be affected by long term compression and storage. No other company has this option, and ICS made it right.

There’s something to be said about ICS’s attention to detail, when they’ve replicated details large to small. The gun is compatable with all AR-15 style magazines, and even comes with the proper 6/3 carrying handle sight adjustment, including the zeroing position.

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