Classic Army M249 Box Magazine

Posted in on 13 Feb 2016 by

Classic Army is a world renowned manufacturer of premium airsoft guns, and their M249 family is no different. Built out of premium metal and with the tolerances and attention to detail that one expects from Classic Army, these guns are capable of putting down rounds when and where needed. Modern CA LMGs come with a high-capacity magazine. These work, but with only 300 rounds, you’ll find yourself reloading a little too often for comfort.

The CA M249 box magazine is powered by a 9V battery (Not Included) and will supply your gun with 2400 rounds of premium airsoft pellets, as you form the backbone of your team’s efforts. Please note that this box is sensitive to cheaper pellets due to the rapid fire and hopper nature of the design, and you should consider quality pellets, such as those made by ASG or Elite Force.

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