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Mach 1 Airsoft General Store Compliancy


Please read through the following information before checking out. Payment and shipping information can be entered once you have reviewed this information.


All sales from Mach 1 Airsoft are final due to the nature of the product. All items are inspected prior to sale, and in the case of airsoft guns, test fired to ensure function. It is solely your responsibility to inspect all goods received within 48 hours to report any shipping damages, discrepancies, or concerns. Received is defined as the date and time of the transaction should it be performed at our storefront or related in-person sales, and from the time of receiving as defined by our courier company for online transactions.

The Mach 1 Airsoft Warranty does not extend beyond the initial transactions between Mach 1 Airsoft and the initial purchaser. The warranty is not applicable should a third-party initiate any and all claims, regardless of relationship. Products sold through a third-party retailer, such as a verified Mach 1 Airsoft dealer, will not be warrantied by Mach 1 Airsoft and any and all claims must be made through said dealer. All goods are sold as brand new unless otherwise requested by the client. Should a client request an item, such as a display model, not sold as brand new, the warranty will not apply to this item and there will be no discount unless by manager exception.

The Mach 1 Warranty does not apply if there is evidence that the item was shipped by a third-party, such as a forwarding company, or if the item crosses an international border. The warranty will also be voided if Mach 1 Airsoft discovers that the purchase was made under false pretenses, included but not limited to: Provision of a false name, provision of a false date of birth, omission of any legal orders involving a firearm, and provision of payment that you are not legally permitted to use. The warranty will also be voided should there be any evidence that the item in question was used in a criminal action as per the Criminal Code of Canada.

Warranties do not apply to consumables including but not limited to: BB pellets, smoke, glowsticks and gas cartridges. Warranties do not apply to certain items due to their manufactured nature, included but not limited to: Clothing, bolt action rifles, shotguns, Chinese airsoft guns, CO2-only guns, tinted guns, batteries and chargers included as part of a gun purchase, compression parts within a gun, and aftermarket/separate internal components. Clearance items are not covered under our warranty.

The warranty is also void when the product has undergone certain events, including but not limited to: Abuse, alterations, sale to a third party, disassembly, wear and tear, loss or alternation of any original packaging or included components, removal of any orange tips or other device used to signal status as an airsoft gun, or use in an airsoft game or any skirmish.

As per the Canadian government’s requirements regarding airsoft sales, our guns have been modified to shoot above the mandated velocity of 366 FPS on a 0.2 gram pellet. This mandated specification is in excess of design velocities for airsoft guns, and thus increased wear and tear on components will occur, potentially shortening the lifespan of parts not covered under our warranty. Should you seek to extend the life of your purchase (as the original components have a set lifespan), it is your prerogative to restore these items to their original velocity – by law, we are not permitted to do this and thus are not responsible for any damages that occur.

Mach 1 Airsoft does not offer any exchanges and returns on products. Exceptions made to this policy can only be made by the manager, and will require special approval and inspection. A 20% restocking fee will also be applied, after taxes, if an exception is allowed. Warranty policies are subject to change without notice.


Should I purchase an airsoft gun, I have verified that I am at least 18 years of age and do not know of any legal order that would prohibit me from possessing or using a firearm. I hereby certify that all questions posed to me have been answered truthfully, and I hold Mach 1 Airsoft and all of its agents harmless of any and all legal action arising from my purchase and use of said purchase.

I understand that airsoft guns are considered firearms under the Criminal Code and may be treated equally to a controlled firearm in the commission any crime, whether intentional or unintentional. I understand that I or any user of this gun must transport this gun in a non-descript, lockable container at all times, and that I must treat it with a duty of care that one would treat an controlled firearm with. I also understand that if I fail to do so, the Criminal Code allows for law enforcement to seize the firearm, regardless of user or ownership. I also understand, that if at any time I have indicated to any party of Mach 1 Airsoft that I intend to commit a criminal offence with an item that has been purchased from Mach 1 Airsoft, that the police service in my area may be notified.

I also understand that it is my responsibility to abide by the ordinances and bylaws of my area of residence, and that it is my responsibility to inform myself on said ordinances and bylaws. I understand that I alone am responsible for any financial or legal obligation should a member of law enforcement deem that I have not abided by said ordinances and bylaws. I also understand that I am required to provide photo identification for a purchase should any member of Mach 1 Airsoft request it for proof of age.

Should I provide this gun to a minor for use, I take full responsibility for their actions and understand that the consequences for their misuse will be my responsibility. By placing an order, I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understood all the provisions of the Mach 1 Airsoft warranty and liability waiver. I release Mach 1 Airsoft and any of its divisions, officers, members, managers, employees, or agents from responsibility for any claims and/or damages suffered, or legal actions arising, from my purchases and/or use of these items.