L85 – Great Airsoft Alternative to M4 Rifles

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L85 – Great Airsoft Alternative to M4 Rifles

        My background is in Aerospace Engineering. That means, we get a fair bit of cross training with mechanical engineers and we get to see some of the things they do. Most of them produce simple, effective devices, but there are other options: The L85 – Great Airsoft Alternative to M4 Rifles.

The L85 Drawbacks

        I’m still not quite sure what the premise was for this gun. They took a tried and proven design, the AR-18, and turned it into an overly complex assault rifle that in the end, had to be fixed. It’s heavy, it looks ugly, and it was the solution to a question nobody asked. The trigger has the sensitivity of a Sylvester Stallone movie and the left handed firing ability will knock out your teeth.

The L85 Advantages

        Yet, it has some redeeming properties. Properties I’m reluctant to admit because of how much this gun goes against good design. It’s a bullpup, while awkward to use, puts in a longer barrel in a shorter package. The gun balances well and is easy to carry for long periods of time. When you throw on the Daniel Defense rail that the British Army is replacing their hand guards with, the gun goes from awkward wall flower to aggressive monster.


        I guess in the end, it’s one of those guns that reminds me of the fondest times of my life. A time where good sense went out the window and positivity was found in unexpected places. The SA80/L85/L86 is a gun that took a hell of a long time getting here in a world where there was no reason for it to exist… but now that it’s here, it’s not that bad.

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