The FNX-45 pistol is a double stack semi-automatic pistol chambered for .45 ACP. Capable of firing in single and/or double action modes, it also incorporates a separate safety and decocker for whatever condition one would want to carry it in. The FNX-45 is a large pistol, though with superb ergonomics thanks to a highly textured grip and interchangeable backstraps flanking an ambidextrous magazine release and slide release.

The tall ironsights are designed to clear a suppressor, which the gun is threaded for, and to co-witness with an RMR. Speaking of mini red-dot sights, the slide is cut to accept the direct install of a mini-red dot for precision shooting. The slide is serrated both front and back for grip under stress, meaning you will always have control in uncontrolled situations.

Cybergun’s FNX-45, originally manufactured by VFC, is an excellent gas-blowback pistol. With the official blessing of FN Herstal USA, the FNX-45 comes adorned with accurate trademarks and nicely cut logos. Being a Canadian legal model, there will be an installed extended inner barrel, though the original inner barrel is also included. If you are looking for something realistic, detailed, and with great performance, look no further than the FNX-45. Available now in black or tan!

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Maple Leaf, a brand brought to you by the minds at RA-Tech, aims to provide the users of bolt action rifles and airsoft pistols with the performance of an R-Hop design. This drop in design is meant for increasing range, and the 50 degree rubber ensures effective backspin with heavier rounds. Compatable with:

– VSR-10 Sniper Rifles

– WE GBB Rifles

– KJW GBB Pistols

– Tokyo Marui GBB Pistols (Minus HK45)

– WE/HK GBB Pistols

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