Holiday Stocking Event

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It’s time for Mach 1 Airsoft’s annual Holiday Stocking event. From December 22nd to December 30th, purchase a stocking for $29.95 (plus tax), and receive one of the following random stockings normally worth more than $40.00!


Close Quarter Essentials Stocking:

1X Cyma Rubber Bayonet
1X Cyma Mesh Face Protector

Outdoor Combat Essentials Stocking:

1X Bag of Bioval .25 Biodegradable BBs (1KG)
1X Roll of Nashua 2280 Tactical Duct Tape (55 Meters)
1X ICS Airsoft Patch

Gas Gun Essentials Stocking:

6X Valken/Swiss Arms 12 Gram CO2 Capsules
1X King Arms Can of Green Gas
1X Umarex Pistol Speedloader

Field Consumables Stocking:

2X Tenergy CR123 Batteries (1 Pack)
4X Tenergy AA Batteries (1 Pack)
4X Tenergy AAA Batteries (1 Pack)
1X Tenergy CR2032 Battery (1 Pack)
1X Elite Force 0.2g BBs (2700)
3X Rothco Camo Cream (1 Pack)

Visibility and Safety Stocking:

1X Element E-Lite (Red or Green)
1X Elite Force Kill Rag (Black or Tan)
1X ASG Airsoft Patch
1X Mach 1 Airsoft Patch (Green or Tan)
4X Rothco Glow Sticks (Green or White)


Gun Draw Contest

Those who purchase one of the forty stockings we’ve created for this event will automatically be entered into a raffle draw for a gun. Depending on how many of the forty stockings we sell, you can win one of the following:

0-25 Stockings Sold:

One lucky winner will win a CYMA M870 Airsoft Shotgun with a Fixed Stock, valued at $179.95. This shotgun is made of metal and polymer, and fires three rounds per shot.

Product Page – Cyma M870 Shotgun with Fixed Stock

26-39 Stockings Sold:

One lucky winner will win a VFC M4ES Defender AEG Rifle, valued at $419.00. This rifle is made from cast aluminum and polymer components, and is the ideal rifle for close quarters combat.

Product Page – VFC M4ES Defender AEG Rifle

40 Stockings Sold:

One lucky winner will win BOTH of the aforementioned guns!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I buy these stockings online?

A: Unfortunately we are offering this promotion in store only at this time.

Q: Can I choose which stocking I receive?

A: All stockings will be distributed randomly to our customers.

Q: How many of these stockings can I buy?

A: As many as you like! We just cannot choose the stockings for you, so all distributed stockings will be random.

Q: Why should I buy this over my items separately?

A: We are offering products with a value of at least $40.00 for just $29.95 (plus tax). In addition, you’ll also get the chance to win a brand new airsoft gun, or two!

Q: When will you be offering this promotion?

A: This promotion will run from December 22 at 11:00AM to December 30 at 5:00PM.

Q: I’m under the age of 18, can I participate?

A: As we will be giving away an airsoft gun, we cannot sell a stocking to anyone under the age of 18.

Q: Will this item be discounted during any potential holiday sale?

A: Unfortunately we will not be discounting this kit as we’ve already offered amazing savings on these items.

Q: If I don’t like my stocking, can I return it?

A: Our standard warranty applies, however all stockings are final sale.

Q: Can you put this stocking on hold for me if I cannot make it at the earliest time possible?

A: Unfortunately due to high demand, we cannot put items on hold.



Mach 1 Airsoft will be running this promotion from 22 December 2016 at 11:00AM to 30 December 2016 at 5:00PM. Entry is by purchase of one or more gift stockings containing one of five configurations of products. No choice will be allowed in which stocking is received, as distribution is random. Purchasers must be age of majority at time of purchase, and must be legally able to own a firearm. Should purchasers falsify any personal information, such as name, date of birth, and legal status with respect to firearms, they will be excluded from the draw at the discretion of the management of Mach 1 Airsoft. Mach 1 Airsoft will provide a new CYMA M870 shotgun should 25 or fewer stockings be sold. Should 26 to 39 stockings be sold, Mach 1 Airsoft will provide a new VFC M4ES Defender rifle to the winner, and should 40 stockings be sold, then Mach 1 Airsoft will provide both to the winner. There will be no substitution of other product per customer request, nor will there be a cash substitute. Winner of the contest must come into the store during regular operating hours to pick up their prize, and must accept Mach 1 Airsoft taking pictures for use in social media advertising regarding this contest. Standard warranty terms apply to products in the stockings, as well as the giveaway item.