RealSword TYPE 56-1

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Once the stock of the RS 56-1 unfolds smoothly and touches the shoulder, the shooter feels its coolness and vigor. Targets coming locked in sight, the BB bullets are shot powerfully and accurately! This is the RS 56-1! No matter in the jungle, city or indoor CQB, or no matter waiting quietly for the target or in urgent assault, RS 56-1 will follow the fighters calmly. The firm connection of the gun body and the folding stock, like a silent gladiator devoting himself in fighting, will never make any unwanted noise. When the fire calms down and retracts the folding stock, it comes back as if all these have never happened. So you can depend on it like real steel.

Treat them as real steel! Only thing different is that we are in game.
Now the RS 56-1 airsoft gun showed to us, has completely fulfilled our target design. Real steel material and technology, and most parts of the AEG are equal to those of real steel, including front sight, handguard, rear sight, gun body, grip, butt, folding stock, etc.. The appearance and components assembly of our airsoft guns are the same as real steel — all these reflect our commitment to the development and manufacturing principle. In order to keep the frame 100% as real steel size, we designed a new 7mm bearing metal gear box which means the RS 56-1 has a totally different heart from former AEG. It is suitable for the limited space of real steel size frame, which breaks away from the traditional way — first gear box size, second frame size.


– Steel folding stock and steel inner catch part ensure the stock and receiver a solid and durable connection.

– Folding stock has same surface finish and material as real steel, and reserves most real steel’s structure which is suitable for AEG function. The bumper pad was retained on the shoulder plate of stock as real steel to protect the lower handguard from wearing.

– Handguard, and grip are all made of real steel factory forming wood, processed with real steel factory standard technique.

– The 259mm stamped steel frame, same size as real steel. All rivets and welding points are identical with real steel and the surface finish is the same as real steel.

– Steel gas block, gas tube and gun sling swivel, adopt same material and technique as real steel.

– The internal space of rear sight base was broadened. Together with the frame cover, large batteries can be applied.

– Steel one piece barrel, fixed with frame by barrel extension, stable and reliable.

– Steel front sight, made up of sight base, sight and sight slide base as real one, adjust-able up-down or left-right.

– Sight base and gas block combine firmly with barrel by adopting interference fit technique, never loose or wobble.

– Handguard pin in the rear sight base, same disassembly of upper handguard as real steel after upward circumrotation.

– To make 100% real steel size frame, a new 7mm bearing metal gear box was developed, equipped with special high strength gear set, air seal nozzle and spring lease device, for easy care and maintenance.

– Pull backwards the steel charging handle to adjust the Hop-up conveniently.

– For the 150rds steel magazine, magazine box, front and rear catch and reinforced board applied the same material and spot welding technique as real steel. Surface finish is also the same and it is lacquer free. The more it is used the more charming it is.

-Gun body with unique serial number, worthy of collection.

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