Quick disassembling design is one of the main ideas in ICS different type of electric gun. Its purpose is to allow the war game payers can maintain their gun quickly and conveniently or easy to upgrade the internal parts. Before ICS didn’t start the quick disassembling design, players also go through a dark age of AEF. Disassemble the electric gun to do basic maintenance needs a great deal of patience and perseverance to compete and therefore the dismantling needs to disassemble the various parts to very sporadic cases to take out the gearbox, not the mention the “modified” is only few people can complete personally. After ICS have this quick disassembling design into MX5, just pull out the two pins then upper and lower receiver will be decomposed immediately. Maintenance is no longer one is both painful and time-consuming and labor-intensive chore. ICS designed MX5 series of gun models for studying real guns and appearance details. Especially for welding mark during the production on real gun. ICS also imitate these kinds of fish scale welders or other details on MX5. It was made by aluminum alloy die casting Barrel and appearance to create a ratio of 1:1 according to the real gun for ICS MX5 series electric gun and making ICS MX5 particularly realistic in appearance, but also the best choice in collection of this series guns. Same specifications MX5 gearbox internal parts and most of the commercially available parts, such as gear, motors, springs … etc., so do not worry about the subsequent repair parts to acquire or upgrade kit compatibility issues.

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