ASG Grenade Launcher GL06 BT Black

The B&T GL-06 is a fully licensed replica grenade launcher, originally made by the Brügger & Thomet, Switzerland. The stock and receiver are made of polymer and the barrel and front guard is metal. All four side rails are metal and will support any accessories imaginable. A quick-remove front grip is supplied to make the GL-06 complete. The GL-06 launcher takes any length airsoft grenade, which is a device that looks like a real world grenade, but uses a gas propellant to fire a variety of projectiles, like large amounts of 6 mm BB’s. When inserted in a grenade launcher, and fired, it shoots all the BB’s at once with a big blast, great for room clearing and suppressive fire.


– Full metal and polymer construction.

– H&K style folding stock.

– 4 accessory rails.

– Sling mount.

– Built in fixed sights.

– Solid built.

– Detachable front-grip.

– Authentic markings.

– Uses any length 40 mm airsoft grenades.

The GL-06 was developed in response to a recent request from the police force of a leading European nation which sought to obtain a non-lethal weapon for anti-riot application with the particular need for pin-point accuracy at standoff ranges (beyond 40 meters for such scenarios) when firing impact rounds. The GL-06 is lighter and more compact than other stand-alone weapons of the same class (such as the US M79 or German HK 69), yet it is capable of great accuracy, tactical flexibility and has good ergonomics. A special dedicated “less lethal” version of GL-06 is produced as the LL-06. Although the LL-06 is a variation of the GL-06, the main difference is the color of the frame. Both weapons are fully capable of firing a complete range of 40mm x 46 munitions.

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ICS M4/16 incorporates the ICS Exclusive Split Gearbox Technology. ICS makes the gearbox into two pieces; the split gearbox brings many advantages to Airsoft Players. The split gearbox is a modular design which can simulate the real gun disassembly. It provides players with a fun experience and a fast and easy way to maintain and repair the gun.

ICS CXP 15 Features:

– Concept Rifle Design

– Excellent for CQB Scenarios

– Flip-up Front & Rear Sights

– Rails offer unlimited options for adding accessories

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ICS-190 GLM Grenade Launcher Multiple

ICS-190 GLM Grenade Launcher Multiple Features:

– Multiple shot, area target grenade launcher. Suitable for offense and defense suppressive fire purpose.

– Made from industrial high strength plastic material. Light weight, high portability & maneuverability, Suitable for airsoft war game.

– Reproduce the revolver structure. The operation is same to real steel.

– ICS GLM equips a M1913 quad rails handguard. It is compatible with accessories compatible with M1913 military standard.

– The stock can adjust 6 lengths and 3 angles. It is compatible with AR MOD retractable stock.

– ICS GLM comes with a quick slide on grip. Push one button to adjust the position or slide on/off. It’s compatible with M1913 Picatinny rail. There is a removable panel that you can slide out of the way to install pressure switches.

– ICS GLM is compatible with ICS MA-77 grenade and the 40mm grenade on the market.

– Reproduce the revolver latch. The shape and the function are same.

– There is a safety lever. It is safe to use ICS GLM.

The unprecedented SIX firing power IN A ROW.

It is time to upgrade your squad’s firepower. Modern warfare requires to be tactical; A multiple grenade launcher is designed to achieve this goal when compared to traditional grenade launcher. Since multiple grenade launcher is a must-have, tactical light weight weapon for a small squad. ICS has design and manufacture the up-to-date multiple grenade launcher for airsoft. You and your squad now are able to simulate the techniques that the modern troops are utilizing in the game.

ICS-190 GLM is the airsoft multiple grenade launcher which is 1:1 reproduce MGL. ICS GLM faithfully presents the feature of the MGL doughty looking. ICS GLM imitates the revolver, the tube, the handguard rail and the revolver latch. Besides, the operation of ICS GLM also simulates the real operation. For example, the way to load grenades is same. Operator pushes the revolver latch to release the cylinder and rotate it out to load six grenades; the spring-driven cylinder rotates automatically while firing, the stock angles and lengths can be adjusted…etc. Therefore when you own an ICS GLM multiple grenade launcher, you not only severely increase the suppressive fire for your squad, but also experience the new tactical utilized by modern troops from the new technology.

According to the uniqueness of airsoft game, ICS has created unique features for GLM. ICS utilizes the industrial high strength plastic material to build and lighten GLM. The rigidity keeps the same. The full metal GLM plus six grenades is going to be extremely heavy for airsoft players. The portability and maneuverability will be much worse. Players are likely not to carry it anymore after a few games just because of the heavy weight. Instead players will only carry light weight rifles for the games. It’s not what ICS want to see that players don’t want to take ICS GLM to the game just because it is too heavy to operate. Therefore ICS lighten the GLM in order to have best portability and maneuverability. Players can fully enjoy the superior suppressive fire power from ICS-190 GLM.

Except to lighten GLM, ICS will release light grenade for the ICS GLM later. It will even reduce the burden of players on the field.

The MGL (Multiple Grenade Launcher) is a lightweight 40 mm semi-automatic, 6-shot grenade launcher developed and manufactured in South Africa by Milkor (Pty) Ltd. In 1981, Milkor demonstrates this concept weapon to South African Defense Force and soon the concept is accepted. After passing the strict evaluation, the MGL was then officially into service in South African Defense Force. After the introduction in 1983, MGL is adopted by military units and law enforcements in over 30 countries.

The MGL is designed to be simple, rugged, and reliable and intended to significantly increase a small squad’s firepower. The biggest feature of MGL is the obvious revolver (Cylinder) . The spring-driven cylinder rotates automatically while firing. There is also a safety lever to ensure you won’t misfire.

When loading the grenades, pushing the revolver latch and rotate the cylinder out. After winding back the cylinder counterclockwise, you can load the grenades and rotate the cylinder back. After releasing the revolver latch, you are ready to fire.

When the trigger is pressed, the firing pin strikes the grenade to launch grenade toward the target. In the same time gas pressure on a piston unlocks the cylinder and allows the spring to rotate it until the next chamber is aligned with the firing pin.

ICS GLM for airsoft has no gas pressure to unlock the cylinder. ICS R&D team has to create a new mechanism to let the cylinder be able to rotate automatically while firing. 100% simulate the operation of the real steel.

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