ICS CXP HOG – QRS Stock (Tan)

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From the makers of the PAR3 and the Transform4, comes a new line of products. The ICS HOG takes the essence of what makes the M4 great, and brings it into the 21st century with innovative thinking and smart design. Utilizing the excellent EBB split gearbox found in most of ICS’ latest offerings, the HOG adds a Keymod rail so you only bear the weight of your equipment decisions. Keymod is an open standard for attaching firearms accessories, such as our line of Speed Products, to your rifle without requiring sharp and heavy M1913 Rails.

Inside the HOG, one can find a well designed gearbox. By splitting the rifle in the same manner as a real AR-15, one can remove the upper gearbox and change the spring and related components in mere moments. A reinforced hopup unit made of high quality metal ensures that the rifle will put up with the abuse one finds in the field.

The HOG is available in several different variations, apart from colour. It is available wired to the front, the rear, and with a high quality compact stock known as the QRS. The QRS allows for compact storage yet adjustable length of pull when required. Choose the variation that fits you the best .

The HOG is available in three different finishes: Traditional black, desert tan, or an attractive two-tone black and tan pattern that serves to break up one’s outline in the field, making them a harder to find opponent.

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