The ICS M4 EBB RIS is ICS’ offer to those who want the performance of ICS’ new offerings, but without the futuristic designs – the traditionalist that exists in all of us. Look no further than the ICS-321. Holding the internal gearbox from a PAR3 and Transform4 rifle, the ICS-321 holds true to the iconic image of the M4 with a KAC inspired RIS unit, and the front sight setup of the AR-15 heading back to the 1960s. One may ask – why not get the latest and the best? Well… there’s just quite something classic about such a widely issued firearm. if you’re looking for something that’s instantly recognizable, look no further.

This gun comes with a split gearbox design for easy spring and component changes. Working on an airsoft rifle has never been this easy. The reinforced metal hopup unit will resist abuse and keep your gun running in even the most dire of circumstances. When it comes to performance, look no further than ICS and the M4 EBB RIS.

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