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Mach 1 Airsoft is the Canadian leader in airsoft media. We’re here to ensure that your entry and progression into airsoft is comfortable and safe. We’re also a Canadian leader in airsoft safety, with messages that connect to communities across North America. Check out some of our projects below:

Youtube Reviews:

Master Chief MP7

Starting in 2014, we started reviewing the products that Canadians want with a focus tailored towards the nuances of the Canadian airsoft market. Watch as we review products from budget pistols, to premium rifles, and try our hand at video production. If there is something that we have not reviewed yet, please give us a heads up, and we’ll see if we can’t make it our next video!

Tippmann M4 Rifle Review
Tokyo Marui XDM Pistol Review
Tokyo Marui PX4 Pistol Review
SPEED Products Overview
ASG STI Duty 1 Pistol Review
Dan Wesson Revolver Review
KWA RM4 EBB Rifle Review
KWA 93R GBB Machine Pistol Review
ICS PAR Mark III AEG Review – Guest Video by MoonJump
ICS M1 Garand AEG Review – Guest Video by MoonJump
KWA/VFC MP7 GBB Review – Guest Video by MoonJump

Airsoft Safety:

In 2015, Mach 1 Airsoft decided to make airsoft history by becoming the first Canadian airsoft retailer to take an active approach to airsoft safety. We understood that safety can be dry, so we decided to make it fun and relevant. Our first campaign reached several thousand airsofters, and spread the message about common actions that may be considered faux pas. Our third campaign, #LooksCanKill, reached all the way across North America, being featured by publications such as Popular Airsoft, companies such as airsoft leader Elite Force, and airsoft personalities from Halifax to Los Angeles. You can check out some of our publications below:

Airsoft Faux Pas List 2015

We were inspired by the efforts of a local police service to make their community safety announcements fun, so in the spirit of their Frosh Week lists, we decided to do one tailored to Canadian Airsoft. This PSA covers some common actions that some may not realize are airsoft faux pas.

Faux Pas

Halloween Safety Reminder

It’s almost Halloween, the day to dress up and play make-believe for a few hours. However, what is fake, can often be mistaken for real. The goal of this posting was to remind our community that dress up is fine, but to leave the guns at home.

Halloween PSA

Looks Can Kill Campaign #1

Brought on by a common misconception, we decided to remind the community that airsoft guns will be treated as real guns in emergency situations. We also wanted to foster an environment of positivity and inclusivity with our message. This PSA has been featured by Popular Airsoft and Elite Force Airsoft.

Airsoft PSA

Looks Can Kill Campaign #2

In February 2016, Facebook announced that they would no longer permit firearm trades on their site, including airsoft and paintball. In seeking the opinion of the community, we determined that while there was disappointment related to the ban, there was hope that it would reduce the number of unsafe trades. To that end, we decided to remind the community that public venues are not safe places for trades.

Looks Can Kill 2

Looks Can Kill Campaign #3

In October 2016, we want to remind our community here that while airsoft guns may be the perfect compliment to a great costume, in the interest of public safety they should be left at home. Sometimes, there is such a thing as “too realistic”.

PSA Halloween

2015 Photoshoot:

In 2015, Mach 1 Airsoft decided to trial an airsoft field for six months. The field trial has now wrapped up – there is no more field. With that said, however, an airsoft team, that wished not to be identified, came in and took part in a photoshoot and trailer shoot. Some of the results are below:

X-Ray Shoot 1

X-Ray Shoot 2