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Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located at 237 Toryork Drive, Toronto, Ontario. Unit #2. M9L1Y2

Q: Do you ship to the U.S or anywhere outside of Canada?

A: We will ship to addresses in Canada only. If you would like to inquire into a custom order from outside of Canada, you can email us at mach1customerservice@gmail.com, to see if it is possible. Mach 1 Airsoft is not responsible for your country’s customs and importation regulations.

Q: What kind of guns do you sell?

A: We sell any and all types of airsoft guns. If you’re looking for it, we’ll probably have it. Our primary brands are Tokyo Marui, ICS, VFC, and KJW, though we do carry many other brands such as WE, ARES, G&G, and KWA, for example. Contact us if you have an inventory inquiry.

Q: What do I need to purchase an airsoft gun?

A: You must be 18 years of age, or the age of majority in your specific area, to purchase an airsoft gun. Straw purchases are not permitted. We may perform identification verification if we feel a purchase is suspect. If a person of age of majority purchases the gun for a person of which they are the guardian or parent, and this person is not of the age of majority, we will require a signed disclaimer that absolves us of responsibility, and demonstrates that you are aware of the legal responsibilities you have taken on.

Q: How should I transport a gun to your store?

A: We invite you to bring your guns to our store to try out accessories, and to see what works for you. Please ensure that the gun is unloaded, proven safe, and transported securely in a locked opaque container. A shopping bag, open container, holster, or sweater wrap is not permitted. Guns that are carried openly will not be permitted in our store. Depending on the severity of the incident with an improperly transported airsoft gun, the local police service may be contacted.

Q: What about the orange tip? Do your guns have them?

A: As matter of fact, our guns do NOT contain the orange tip. This is only a U.S product requirement. Our Canadian regulations do not require the tip of the gun to be orange. Some niche products we carry may have the orange tip, but this is due to their American sourcing, or intended American market.

Q: How will payments be processed?

A: Payments will be processed through our online shopping cart, whereby shipping and taxes will be calculated for your pre-approval. From there, you will be sent to our payment gateway, where you must enter the correct billing and shipping address, as per your institution. Our waiver and term of conditions will have to read and understood before you will be permitted to make your purchase.

Q: What if you’re out of stock? Can I order anyways?

A: If we are out of stock, you will not be able to order that item. You will however, be able to join the waiting list and in that case when ample stock has been received, you will be notified for our now-in-stock item. We do not perform pre-orders as a rule, though you are welcome to try and make an exception.

Q: Are there any special considerations for sale items?

A: Sale items at Mach 1 Airsoft, are as a rule, deeply discounted. Thus we cannot apply any further coupons or discounts on top of the price of these items. The standard warranty and liability statements apply. For more information on warranty, click here.