The Classic Army M249 Mark II is the quintessential combat light machine gun. Built after the early failures of the original M249, a product improvement plan (PIP) was quickly put in place to make several ergonomic adjustments and to replace poorly functioning items, such as the non-hydraulic buffer and the difficult front sight. From this, the M249 Mark II came into existence. Since then, the M249 has distinguished itself in combat and as a reliable friend to those who depend on it. Weighing just north of 15 pounds, it can either feed from a box magazine of belted 5.56mm ammunition, or from a STANAG magazine port on the side of the gun for emergency loading of AR-15 magazines (Though unlike the airsoft version, this is not advised for actual M249 SAWs.

Classic Army’s take on the M249 Mark II is the standard to beat. With 8mm bushings, it’s built to take the automatic only nature of the M249. If you’re looking for something to complete a traditional infanteer’s load, the M249 Mark II cannot be beat. Please be aware that the M249 Mark II comes without a box magazine, and this must be purchased separately.

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