Classic Army Mark 46 SPW – AEG

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The Mark 46 Mod 0 is a variant of the M249 Special Purpose Weapon (SPW), as adopted by the USSOCOM group. With the M249 SPW, several components were deleted in an effort to improve weight and handling. The carrying handle, magazine well, and vehicle mounting lug were removed. Rails were added to the feed cover and the forearm to allow the mounting of accessories such as designators, lights, and switches. Lastly, the barrel was shortened to improve handling and reliability.

The Classic Army Mark 46 SPW is a hybrid of the M249 SPW, and the Mark 46 Mod 0. It retains the magazine loading port of the original M249 for airsofters who use the port with AR-15 magazines. Unlike the Mark 46, it uses a standard M4 carbine stock mounted on a buffer tube for ease of adjustability and durability.

The Classic Army Mark 46 combines the best of the M249 SAW with the best of airsoft design. Its durable gearbox uses 8mm steel bushings for reliability under fire. Of note is that while this gun comes new in box, per Classic Army’s new products, it does not include a box magazine. This will have to be purchased separately if you are not using the M249’s STANAG magazine well.

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