Krytac Trident CRB AEG Rifle

Posted in on 2 Sep 2015 by

Krytac presents their Trident series of AEG Rifles. Backed with the proven performance and reliability of an actual gun manufacturer in the form of KRISS USA, Krytac products seek to change the airsoft world by offering a premium, well designed, AEG at an affordable cost. What makes Krytac products top of the line is their engineering- the small inconveniences of working on an AEG have been resolved, and thoughtful production has resulted in a gun in line with the latest gunfighter training.

Trident AEG rifles come with many innovative features. For starters, the gun is made of an attractively finished aluminum alloy. This blends strength and value into an effective package. A quick change spring prevents the need to mess around with clamshell gearboxes, and an Angle of Engagement corrected piston provides durable and reliable performance. An integrated MOSFET unit allows for high voltage batteries, and an adjustable, numbered hopup unit allows for repeatable hopup adjustments. Lastly, the Defiance rail system provides a well balance platform for all your accessories and rails.

Mach 1 Krytac rifles come with an orange tip, however the standard black tip is included in the package per Canadian allowance.

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