ASC Age Verification

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Airsoft Canada is Canada’s largest and oldest online airsoft community, and as a result it boasts a diverse community that hosts many of Canada’s premier airsoft events. Airsoft Canada is also notable for being a community with a large classifieds section. Users must be verified as being above the age of 18 to access these pages, where they can find just about anything. The website offers trader rating services, in a bid to make selling and trading safer.

Mach 1 Airsoft is proud to be an Airsoft Canada age verifier. To become verified, follow these instructions:

1. Create an account on ASC at
2. Message user “Stryker” on ASC, requesting an appointment for verification
3. Show up at our store at appointment time, with a piece of identification*
4. Request to speak with the manager concerning age verification

Please note that only our manager can perform age verification services, as he has been vetted by the site. Also note that we do not hold your information. The information requested will be submitted to the site, then destroyed once done so. Mach 1 Airsoft offers this service when available depending on the availability of staff and in particular the manager, and cannot guarantee availability unless an appointment has been made and confirmed ahead of time.

* ASC will only accept Canadian government-issued photo identification – no exceptions.